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"Though you can have grief without adventures, you cannot have adventures without grief."

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do you ever just stop to think about lucifer

and how he was in the pit for millennia

scheming and plotting every single tiny detail of his rise to power

thinking through everything that could possibly go wrong, and creating hundreds of backup plans for each scenario

and the one thing that he didn’t plan for

the one thing that was his downfall

was sam winchester loving his brother more than anything in the entire universe

do you ever just think about that


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iwood27 asked: Will you do the ALS ice bucket challenge?


Probably not, partly because I am still recovering from meningitis and so the thought of doing anything out of bed is a bit overwhelming, but also for other reasons. I worry this makes me a totally humorless party pooper, but… 

ALS is a terrible disease and there isn’t enough research money devoted to it. Raising money for ALS research is important, and while some people complain that the whole ice bucket challenge thing is mere slacktivism, the ALS Association has raised millions of dollars it otherwise wouldn’t have raised. And that’s great. This has been an extremely successful campaign, and I think it’s wonderful.

That said, I have mixed feelings about tying fundraising (or awareness campaigns) to stuff like the ice bucket challenge. Here’s the question: Why are we raising money for ALS instead of raising money for pediatric cancer research or food aid or for domestic violence shelters?

I feel like the answer to that question ought to be, “We’re raising money for ALS because ALS research is underfunded and can benefit from these resources,” not, “We’re raising money for ALS because the ice bucket challenge is a thing on the Internet right now.” If our philanthropy is dictated only by what happens to bubble up to the surface of the Internet’s consciousness, we’re not making careful choices about how to distribute our limited resources. 

And when it comes to charity, everyone has limited resources. Whether you give $5 or $5,000,000 a year to charities, there will always be good causes you cannot fund. So you need a very good answer to the question, “Why did you donate to X and Y?” because there will always be a Z—a very worthy Z—to which you did not donate.

This is not meant in any way to diss those who’ve participated in the ice bucket challenge: it’s an important cause and it has been tremendously successful. And I certainly don’t want to strip the joy of giving and sharing from charity. Sarah and I are just focused on trying to make sure our giving is driven by need and the opportunity to create lasting change.

EDIT: Tumblr user mockmewithgrace points out that it isn’t just a question of donating to X over Z; campaigns like the ice bucket challenge raise the total amount of money donated to charity; i.e., money that would otherwise be spent on beer instead gets donated to ALS research. This is a key point that I failed to consider above; I wrongly imagined charity as a kind of zero-sum game. And insofar as campaigns like this increase the total amount given to charity, they are I think unqualified successes.

Between this and what he wrote after his recent trip to Ethiopia, John Green is slowly becoming one of my favorite people I’ve never met.

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item 3: IMAGE. It’s ʺme time.ʺ Spoil, pamper and be decadent to yourself like you never have before. Oh, and P.S., you’re dressed as a Stormtrooper.
team SockMonkeyPatronus

item 3: IMAGE. It’s ʺme time.ʺ Spoil, pamper and be decadent to yourself like you never have before. Oh, and P.S., you’re dressed as a Stormtrooper.

team SockMonkeyPatronus

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item 44: IMAGE. Two people kissing across the Russia/Ukraine border.  If safety is a concern, the image may be two people (anywhere) wrapped in a Russian and Ukrainian flag, kissing each other.

Also known as my sister and brother-in-law copiously making out in public (none of these was our actual submission)

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The 3 other archangels and God.

would Cain be killed by it?

… No, actually, I don’t think he would. Neither would Abbadon or any of the 4 horsemen. I suppose the writers hadn’t thought about it yet when they wrote this episode.

so dean couldnt be killed with it… thanks for the info! 

The only ways Dean can die now are:

  • Giving the mark to someone else and then getting killed by that person
  • Death being tired of Dean’s shit and deciding to reap his soul personnaly
  • God getting drunk and messing with the laws of physics again

Of course we don’t know yet if Dean’s demon condition can be cured with Sam’s blood, but I think that would be too easy.

God getting drunk and messing with the laws of physics again’

5 things the gun can’t kill?

1. archangels

2. leviathan

3. God

4. horsemen

5. knights of hell

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